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PGM Golf Swing Training Stick
PGM Golf Swing Training Stick

PGM Golf Swing Training Stick

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Fixes All Swing Faults

The PGM Golf Swing Training Sticks have the ability to shape into many leading products on the market ie. (Hanger, Educator, Impact Snap, Swingyde, Lag Stick) and many more. Reinforce fundamentals and fix all of your swing faults. Improve your full swing, pitching and chipping.

Finally! A golf swing trainer that can fix virtually every single problem in your golf swing. Learn to chip with more consistency, avoiding flipping or scooping the wrist at impact. Control the length of swing for improved distance control with pitch shots. Create more speed and dynamics in your full swing improving distance and accuracy for any club in the bag.

Junior Golf

The PGM Golf Swing Training Stick fits all clubs from US Kids to Jumbo grips. Finally a product that parents and kids both can use. If you are looking to improve your game and help you son or daughter this is the product for you.

Product highlights: 

  • Positive/negative feedback. You’ll learn how to “feel” the correct positions throughout the golf swing so you know what a great swing feels like (a proven approach to improvement).
  • You’ll master the takeaway, perfect your club position at the top, learn how to drop the club into the slot, and unload mercilessly on the golf ball with a powerful release.
  • The PGM Golf Swing Training Stick teaches you how to control the clubface and get into a perfect position at the moment of truth; impact.
  • You can hit shots on the driving range or practice green area with the Total Golf Trainer, or you can use it at home to practice your full swing, pitching and chipping. It’s the multipurpose training device you need to fix your faults and hit all the shots you need to shoot lower scores

PGM Golf Swing Training Stick

The PGM Golf Swing Training Stick is the swiss army knife of training devices. We challenge you to find a swing fault this device won’t correct. It can help you find the perfect positions in your backswing, at the top, during your downswing, and through impact. It’s very simple to use. We include plenty of training videos with PGA professionals and students that can help fix a wide variety of faults in your full swing, pitching, and chipping. The PGM Golf Swing Training Stick is ideal for all golfers. If you're unsure what product you need to improve this device easily replaces 15 or more training aids that are currently on the market. Providing the most value in any single training device.

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